We have established a loyal and diverse core of satisfied clients. These clients cover a very diversified field of manufacturing. We have manufactured parts for turbo engines, automatic switches, pumps, pipe fittings, microwave and wireless telephone stations, transmitters, airplane bearings, parts to satellite fittings and connectors, parts for generators and parts that are used in ink-jet and laser printers.

We’ve gone into production of hundreds of parts to manufacturing a single prototype in its initial testing phase. We work hard to meet our deadlines and the promised delivery dates. Our repeated orders are usually done at lesser cost since we apply what we’ve learned in the initial order to help reduce the production time and cost of subsequent orders.

We know that you value your business and that you are constantly striving to find ways to reduce you cost of production. Our mission statement reflects clearly our commitment to helping you achieve that goal. We are in it together. Our current clients have given us the opportunity to demonstrate our work ethics.