We are looking for professional machinists interested in making high-quality parts for the industry. We have hired successful candidates through a variety of channels from internship programs, machining programs at technical colleges, as well as experienced machinists from other industries. We are looking for a commitment to quality. There are three levels of machinist and all three are necessary to the success of ABEN. Education and experience go hand in hand in this competitive industry, and ABEN is dedicated to providing both components to our employees. Following are brief descriptions of the three stages of our machinists.


Machinist Level 1

General Purpose: To operate and maintain a CNC machine to fabricate ultra-precision components to manufacturing print specifications. To be successful, you will need to be able to read and understand blueprints, understand basic SPC principles, possess basic math skills and use basic inspection equipment. The primary objective of the position is to maintain simple set ups and have good working knowledge of the machine. Machinists are required to make necessary machine offsets to keep parts to print and do in-process inspection of own parts.


Machinist Level 2

General Purpose: To set up proven or repeat jobs with minimal assistance as well as operate and maintain CNC machines to fabricate ultra-precision components. To be successful at this level you will need to master all of Level 1 skills and understand basic geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, basic programming, and make edits under the direction of a cell leader.


Machinist Level 3

General Purpose: Must be competent in level 1 and 2 skill sets. To be successful at this level you will need to be capable of programming and making edits to CNC machines. You will be responsible for laying out and tool checking new jobs which includes developing process, designing tools, ordering tools, programming, setup and running machine with no assistance. An understanding of advanced geometric dimensioning and tolerancing is required. You will also be needed to assist in training and supervising other employees and assisting cell leaders with daily activities.